5 Ways I've Been Surprised By My Own Product

“I see no advantage in these new clocks. They run no faster than the ones made 100 years ago.” ~ Henry Ford


Launching a product is an interesting experience. I don’t want to diminish parenting or even raising a dog and say that it is the same…it isn’t. It’s probably more like Doctor Victor Frankenstein (yes, that was his name) felt when Frankenstein came to life. That emphatic “it’s aliiiiiiive!” resonates with me. Also running parallel to the Frankenstein story, you don’t fully know what you have when your product comes to life. This includes flaws and fixes but it also includes things that surprise you.

I have been using http://www.textingbase.comTexting Base since the week before Thanksgiving and a few things already shock me. Luckily, none of these items will likely lead to a town of people coming with torches and pitchforks to put an end to the creation (although it is still early). Here is what I’ve learned so far about the product.

1) It’s better than I thought. I’m not talking about the product as a whole…I’m talking about the general ability to organize and scheduled text messages . It’s liberating mentally to know I have groups, messages, birthday text messages and holiday text messages all ready to go as far as texting communication. The product will always be improved and new features will always be added, but so far I have been surprised by just how well the core part of the product works.

2) The holiday struggle is over. For years I spent every holiday suffering. OK, maybe suffering is the wrong word but what is the right word to capture 8 hours of tediously and robotically sending group messages 40 at a time? I would do this every Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. After years of making sure I reached out to everyone, I finally gave up…it was too time consuming and took the fun out of the holidays.

This year, for the first time in my life, the holidays were amazing. I had my Thanksgiving texts go out at 2PM. I was in the middle of cooking potatoes, turkey and mac n’ cheese when they went out. For Christmas, I had them go out at noon…I was marinating steaks when they went out. For New Year’s, I had them got out at 12:02AM…I was sipping wine and watching a movie. The feeling of freedom and liberation from being a slave to my phone to let people know I care is over. It feels like a weight has been removed from my back…a very large weight. I can’t wait for others to experience this joy…I can honestly say Texting Base makes holidays WAY more enjoyable and free. How cool is that?

3) People didn’t know! This is the most shocking for me, as I am on social media every day educating on what we have developed and what I am involved with. Some people have seen the product. Everyone by now should know what Texting Base does. My concern for ME as a user was that people would respond negatively thinking it is an “automated text” or that I’m “faking caring” or “using technology to cheat.” That's good because that's not how Texting Base works...I still have to write the message that goes out. The only difference is it's personalized (which I would never have had time to do before) and WAY more efficient. I can now show I care (which I really do) without ruining my holiday to do it! I was very worried people would not respond well, because it was me.

None of that happened. People responded to the holiday texts at a much higher rate than ever before and with much more warmth than I was used to. Even though they have been barraged with the fact that we built a personalized group-messaging product, only two people made remarks about “Texting Base” and both of those were positive.

4) I use single scheduled messages all the time. This is a feature that was a throw-in as far as I was concerned. Texting Base was built to add efficiency to group texting and be the best in the world at personalizing group messages. Single text? Who cares about single text? (I believe I said those exact words more than once.)

So here I am a few months into using my own product and guess what? I use single scheduled texts all the time. If I have a meeting, I schedule reminders to myself so I stay on task. I schedule a text to the person I am meeting with to avoid miscommunications and confirm the meetings. I send myself and/or others reminders to stay on task. I even schedule messages to tell myself to stop eating after 8PM because I’m too fat.

I even proposed using 3 well-timed scheduled texts (this is true.) Luckily my lady realized how much has been put into this product, so it was deemed romantic instead of pathetic. If you try it, you might not have the same experience.

So a feature I thought would be used rarely within my own product is being used constantly…by me.

5) Way more back and forth than I expected. Not only has Texting Base rekindled some old friendships that had fizzled, it’s also created more conversation than I thought it would. This is what I HOPED would happen, as that translates to sales for businesses. The dialogue has been better than what I expected. Some people have now used my Texting Base number as “THE” number to get a hold of me, which is fine. If someone calls your Texting Base number it will ring to your cellular phone, so that’s not an issue.

Out of the 128 people I messaged for the holidays, 8 did not respond. Of those 8, I am absolutely sure I have the right number right for 3 of them. That’s a pretty good ratio!

The overwhelming two reasons this product was created were to keep the holidays happy and to bring people together. I am absolutely thrilled to report that so far it has delivered on both of those promises and more for my contacts.

I can say with confidence it will do the same for you. If not, then it would be only fitting if you lit up the torches and grabbed the pitchforks.


Eric Beans

Eric Beans is CEO of Texting Base, Inc., out of Orlando, Florida. Texting Base is a cloud-based software that adds efficiency and power to business texting communications. Combining the efficiency of a “mass text” and the effectiveness of a personal text message, Texting Base uses patent pending software to allow businesses to build relationships with their customers like never before. Prior to Texting Base, Eric Beans owned Premier Mortgage Capital, Inc., a nationwide state charted mortgage company and helped to start TechSpan, a global IT consulting company.

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