Big News: New Features Announcement...MMS and More!

There’s nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you ~Woody Hayes

How do you grow a texting business to over 1000 customers when you don't have the ability to send or receive pictures/videos?

You get the hell kicked out of you and get a good cleansing, that's how!

New Features:

1) You can now remove individual people from a scheduled group text? without having to go edit the group.

2) "Proper"is now a default, so all your names like ERIC or eric show up properly, as "Eric."

3) Search has now been added to contacts

4) Incoming email data is now pulled from messages into a contact record automatically

5) Birthday texts were altered to make it easier to find and edit birthday messages under "Scheduled Texts"


We added a customizable front-end data collection form. Simply upload your logo, point the leads into whatever group you want and post the URL anywhere you want to collect data. Anyone who fills out that form is opted in and placed in your group of choice. This tool is perfect for social media, Ipad collections on store floors or checkout, conferences or a website.

Opt in data is non negotiable, and now we give you the tools to grow your database the right way.


We now have MMS. Images and videos were pushed live within the last hour. Our customers can now send pictures and/or videos to their contacts through Texting Base to truly harness the power of texting.

You can also receive pictures and videos.

Happy texting!


Eric Beans is CEO of Texting Base, Inc., out of Orlando, Florida. Texting Base is a marketing automation platform which allows businesses to personalize group text messages.

Prior to Texting Base, Eric was the first US employee of TechSpan which became Headstrong. Headstrong sold for $550M to GenPact.

With a group of partners in 2005, Eric started Premier Mortgage Capital, Inc., a nationwide state charted Mortgage Company that grew to over 1B/Year in originations.

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