Good Vibrations…Announcing Some New Additions

We're going to turn this team around 360 degrees. ~ Jason Kidd upon being drafted to the Dallas Mavericks


Good Vibrations…Announcing Some New Additions.

Big things are happening in O-Town where it’s 98 degrees every day. Last week we announced the addition of AOL’s former COO to our team, Kimberley Partoll. Today I am excited to announce two new kids on the block to join our team: Maggie Hatfield and Mike Brown.

Maggie was Vice President of Marketing for AOL, as well as OVP of Marketing for the Home Shopping Network (hsn.com). Maggie has years of marketing in every way possible with massive companies. In short, she is an incredible resource for Texting Base and poison for our competition.

We didn’t just stop at Maggie. We also added Michael Brown to our team. Mike comes from the political world. He was the National Chairman for all major donor programs for the Republican National Committee. He also ran donor programs for the States of Florida and Pennsylvania during his tenure as well as multiple Senatorial and Congressional races. As Texting Base dives into the world of fundraising and national politics, Michael’s expertise puts us at a different level immediately.

You thought the announcement was over, but we have another great addition to welcome. We are thrilled to have hired Scott Bell to be our CTO. I have worked with Scott for 10 years in the world of banking. He built an entire banking infrastructure by himself to support 1,300 simultaneous users. Scott also worked for Lockheed Martin and SAIC as their Chief Engineer on major projects. He built out the infrastructure at NASA headquarters…you may have heard of them?

Scott also deployed the mid-tier infrastructure at the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare…a massive project. As some of your parents get older and go on Medicare, they can thank Scott for their existing infrastructure (unless something goes wrong, and that’s the existing team’s fault). Scott is a true engineer…and architect. His skills are the best I’ve personally ever worked with. I’m thrilled to reunite with Scott and have him anchor our team.

The team we have assembled is strong and diverse, and together we can do great things. I am excited to chart our growth with our new additions.

Texting Base...live efficient...we want it that way.


Eric Beans is CEO of Texting Base, Inc., out of Orlando, Florida. Texting Base is a cloud-based ”SMS Marketing Automation Platform” which allows entities to personalize group text messages.

Prior to Texting Base, Eric was the first US employee of TechSpan which became Headstrong. Headstrong sold for $550M to GenPact.

With a group of partners in 2005, Eric started Premier Mortgage Capital, Inc., a nationwide state charted Mortgage Company that grew to over 2B/Year in originations.

Eric is the author of "Changing The World Through Texting Software" and writes the entrepreneur section of "LA Style Magazine." Eric is an inventor, investor, and longtime entrepreneur.

Texting Base does not offer legal advice-please consult an attorney before starting to text for business purposes.

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