How To Produce a Top Quality Explainer Video

"Quality is not an act, it is a habit." - Aristotle


As you can see from our site, we have a lot of group texting videos Some of them are better than others, and as we got more experience writing and directing the videos, the results were significantly better.

The first few videos were abysmal. Please feel free to click for a good laugh:

Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJhPuTcAs7s

And Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGJmmtAX0Z4

I wanted to share with you some lessons that I have learned along the way and hope this helps those looking to use the power of the explainer video for their benefit.


Human beings now have shorter attention spans than goldfish. Goldfish come in at 9 seconds…humans at 8 seconds. You have 8 seconds to catch the attention of a human on your landing page, and that is approximately 20 words of content in a video.

People also retain 58% more information when exposed to audio/visual content as opposed to written material.

Most importantly, explainer videos result in conversion increases of 10-20% over standard web pages.

Explainer videos helped Dropbox go to 100M users. Here is some compelling data:

“Based on research from Internet Retailer, product videos increase the likelihood of a purchase by 85%. Additional research showed that product videos gave 52% of customers more confidence in their purchase decision. Using the word “video” in an e-mail subject line has also increased open rates 13% and click-through rates over 92%. Based on another Internet Retailer study from 2012, 46% of people will share a video on Facebook, and 40% will e-mail links. How’s that for conversion-rate optimization and viral social sharing?”

See more at: http://www.switchvideo.com/2013/01/10/how-an-explainer-video-helped-dropbox-grow-from-0-to-100-million-users/#sthash.vldgFSI2.dpuf

Additional Benefits Include:

1) SEO

2) Increased Traffic

3) Showcasing and educating about your product

4) Easily sharable

People watch an average of 2.7 minutes of video. According to Forrestor Research, a 1- minute video is worth 1.8M words. Think about the amount of meaningful information that can be conveyed. After all, human beings are built to watch videos, especially cartoons!


Explainer videos are not cheap, but they are worth it. A 2-minute explainer video can cost up to $8,000 with music and voiceover. In general, it’s takes between $1,000-$2000/minute to produce an explainer video.

Costs and upgrades include:

1) Writing a script (which I suggest you do for your own product)

2) Voiceover work (use a pro)

3) Custom animation (stock or custom)

4) Music (stock or custom)

5) HD


First- watch some explainer videos and pick out a few you like to study. Once you have an idea and you want to get started, here is how:

Step 1:

Determine the Audience:

• Is this directed at your customers?
• Is this a recruiting video?
• Is this going to be used for new accounts?

Ideally, each audience should have its own video as each audience has specific “triggers” that will entice action.

If you want the video to be used for multiple audiences, it has to be a little more generic.

Step 2:

Defining the Message:

If customers: What are their biggest pains and how do you solve those issues? If recruiting: What do you want to get across to your talent? If sales: How is your company different/better than the competition?

Step 3:

Write the Script:

You are going to want to write TWO scripts. One is the script for the animator, and one is the script for the voiceover. The animator script can have specific instructions like “arrow pointing up.” The voiceover script cannot have any instructions, it needs to be exactly how you want it read.

• Introduce the problem. • Bring out the pain of the problem and why other solutions don’t work. • Introduce your solution. • Show that the solution solves the problem. • Show proof it works for similar people (testimonials/numbers/facts). • Conclude with a call to action.

*No more than 300 words per video.

Here is the script we wrote for the “Auto Dealership” Explainer Video:

This is the story of Carl.

Carl is a sales manager at a car dealership…

The car business has peaks and valleys…and Carl was in a valley.

Carl has an aggressive sales staff. The problem is they all chase what could close that month, and don’t follow up on leads and build long-term relationships. It’s the long-term relationships that become referral sources.

Carl needs a tool to automate lead follow up in a personal way.

That’s when Carl discovers Texting Base.

Texting Base allowed his staff a way to import all their leads and start following up in a personal way.

Barb, an experienced sales person wrote: “Hey {Insert First Name}, I know you were looking for a {favorite color}{insert car}, we have an event on Saturday with free food. Hope you can make it. Barb”

In the time it would take to write 1 text message, Barb was able to reach out to over 2500 potential customers with personal messages inviting them in for an event.

Before Texting Base at 1 minute/text message this would have taken over 41.6 hours to personally message 2500 people.

Ed was one of those customers that received Barb’s message. The message read: “Hey Ed, I know you were looking for a Silver Accord, we have an event on Saturday with free food. Hope you can make it. Barb”

Ed loved the personal invitation.

Saturday came and Ed wasn’t the only one buying a new car. Ed even referred a customer.

Sales boomed and Carl was a happy man!

Because Better Relationships Leads to Better Results. Try is for free on TextingBase.com

Texting Base Live Efficient

Step 4:

Storyboard the Animation

Define backgrounds Define fonts Define font colors Define images/special requests Voiceovers and Music Put together logos and any custom visuals for animation

Step 5:

Edit and Send For Animation

The most important thing here is to make sure your instructions have been written clearly regarding everything you want. This includes fonts, colors, characters, inflections and pictures/logos.

Step 6:

Review Animation and Send Corrections

Do not be afraid to make detailed corrections. The corrections work best if you use time to point out changes, and not screen #. Time is easier to communicate so you are on the same page.

Step 7:

Present Final Product

Now it's time to show your co-workers and see if they notice anything or have any valuable feedback.

Step 8:

Setup Analytics To Track and Gauge Video Performance

There are a number of products out there that will allow you to embed video onto your website. There are distinct advantages to not using Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr, Daily Motion or Meta Cafe. Not only can you eliminate ads and create your own calls to action, but you can change colors to match your branding and get the analytics you need to gauge the effectiveness of your video.


Review Your Product

Our final product can be seen here:


Creating an outstanding explainer video is a process that you need to take seriously. The video itself could be one of the single most important marketing tools you develop. Like any skill, this is a learning experience. The biggest key is to make sure you give as many instructions as you can to the animator and voiceover professionals. Those who work on these videos appreciate not having to guess.

Don't overthink your script, you'll likely end up having to do it over again. Like most creative ventures, the best scripts are simple and fun...so have fun with it! If you aren't enjoying the process of writing your script, others likely won't enjoy the process of watching your video!


Eric Beans

Eric Beans is CEO of Texting Base, Inc., out of Orlando, Florida. Texting Base is a cloud-based software that adds efficiency and power to business texting communications. Combining the efficiency of a “mass text” and the effectiveness of a personal text message, Texting Base uses patent pending software to allow businesses to build relationships with their customers like never before. Prior to Texting Base, Eric Beans owned Premier Mortgage Capital, Inc., a nationwide state charted mortgage company and helped to start TechSpan, a global IT consulting company.

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