New Feature(s) Announcement

"If you're not first, you're last." ~Unknown (Ricky)

We are excited to announce a few more key features.

I know what you're thinking...I just announced you can use Texting Base off of any mobile device...how can we already have more improvements?

We are on a mission...


The first feature is AI. We shut down anyone using Texting Base inappropriately, but sometimes we need to wait until the first message has been generated to see if the new customer is a scammer or not. We have implemented artificial intelligence that will not make us popular with the scamming community. This software will screen links and numbers attached to scammers and shut down anything suspicious, like "phishing" links immediately and proactively. This is not only good for our clients (who are all legitimate business owners), but also good for text recipients everywhere who don't want to carry the tisk of being scammed.

The second feature is a "compliance check" on the messages page. There is NOTHING more important than compliance in the world of texting, and we lead the industry in this regard (by far.)

What is compliance check? It searches for key response terms that you might have missed so you can opt people out that have asked to be removed. Is it perfect? No, but it's an extra safety net that can only help reduce risk.

Texting Base removes all STOP responses automatically, and gives you more control to opt out the rest yourself. Remember, when someone opts out they are blocked even if you upload new data with the same opted out contact. These features give you the peace of mind you need when texting.

The final feature is also compliance related but also just efficient. One of the biggest pieces to managing a texting platform is controlling what goes OUT to your clients/customers.

We built templates into each account. Not only regular templates, but templates the master account can use to propagate templates to all of the sub accounts.

Let me speak English. I manage an account and set up my employees. Now I can create message "templates" and have them show up within each of my employees accounts if I choose. As a manager this makes me happy because a few of my sales people say or do some pretty unusual things. Some have spelling challenges. Yay for lower risk through better compliance, proper management and quality control!

That's it for today. Lots of new improvements are coming down the road...we are excited to share them as they happen!


Eric Beans is CEO of Texting Base, Inc., out of Orlando, Florida. Texting Base is a marketing automation platform which allows businesses to personalize group text messages.

Prior to Texting Base, Eric was the first US employee of TechSpan which became Headstrong. Headstrong sold for $550M to GenPact.

With a group of partners in 2005, Eric started Premier Mortgage Capital, Inc., a nationwide state charted Mortgage Company that grew to over 1B/Year in originations.

Eric is the author of "Changing The World Through Texting Software.”

Eric is a speaker, inventor, patent holder, chef, writer for LA Style Magazine, producer and author.

Texting Base does not offer legal advice-please consult an attorney before starting to text for business purposes.

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