Opening the curtain...how we came up with our mission statement

"If two men on the same job agree all the time, then one is useless. If they disagree all the time, both are useless." - Darryl F. Zanuck

A mission statement defines who you are as a company. Coming up with a brief mission statement is a challenge, and I wanted to share how we came up with ours...with no fluff.

It all started with Alex, our Chief Creative Officer asking for a mission statement for our new website. Here is a behind the scenes timeline of exactly how it went down...

beansedb [11:54 AM]
Ok will work on it.

beansedb [2:47 PM]
It is the mission of Texting Base to provide businesses and Non-Profit organizations with a powerful, personalized communications tool to enhance their relationships and add efficiency to their lives. Our attentive, friendly and professional staff will help inspire and solve any needs our customers have and earn their business every day.

beansedb [2:49]
"64% of people prefer texting over emails and calls, are you giving them what they want?"

ashaffer [2:54 PM]
Can we do something a little less advertisy for the mission statement? Maybe something like this We exist to value relationships and bring one another closer together with the power of personalized texting. Not everything we write needs to be an SEO grab or an advertisement. Our mission should demonstrate higher value not another plug.

ashaffer [2:54]
I like the stat for the industries pages

beansedb [3:02 PM]
Sure. I did a bunch of research on mission statements...truly didn't like anything I read.

beansedb [3:05]
We exist to save our customers time and bring people together using the power of personalized texting. Our staff is here to help our customers achieve their goals in a timely manner.

ashaffer [3:16 PM]
Still too much doesn’t read like a mission statement. It’s like we are trying to hard. I think saying we exist to value relationships sounds more powerful. It appeals to our customers and our customer's customers. We want to people to have better relationships not just save time. It comes back to the argument of disingenuous holiday texting where both of our parents said that "its not a real holiday wish since your cheating with texting base”. Yes it does save time but it’s more about the relationship.

beansedb [3:16 PM]
Exist to value relationships doesn't mean anything

ashaffer [3:17 PM]
Not sure how to respond to that.

beansedb [3:19 PM]
It's vague, which is exactly what we are supposed to avoid according to what I'm reading...

https://www.adherecreative.com/blog/bid/138171/5-elements-of-a-powerful-company-mission-statement adherecreative.com 5 Elements of a Powerful Company Mission Statement A mission statement should reflect every dimension of the business from services provided to products sold and the all encompassing value proposition

beansedb [3:20]
We exist to add efficiency to the process of building relationships using the power of personalized texting. Our staff is here to help our customers achieve their goals in a timely manner.

beansedb [3:22]

beansedb [3:23]
Too bland?

ashaffer [3:23 PM]
I’m trying to be concise and not sound like a plug. I socially hate this part "Our staff is here to help our customers achieve their goals in a timely manner” because it sounds like a nicety not genuine.

beansedb [3:23 PM]

ashaffer [3:23 PM]
especially* not socially autocorrect

beansedb [3:27 PM]
We exist to empower relationship building in a personal and efficient way using texting and make it an amazing experience. Our staff is here to make sure our customers win.

beansedb [3:27]
I like this process btw...this is going to eventually work

ashaffer [3:29 PM]
The “our staff” is what bothers me because that’a already implied in the “we”.

beansedb [3:32 PM]
Our mission is to empower our customers to build relationships in personal way with extreme efficiency utilizing cutting edge texting technology. We are here for our customers to make sure they win.

ashaffer [3:33 PM]
We exist to empower our customers to build relationships in personal way with efficiency through texting.. (edited)

ashaffer [3:34]
Lets keep it one sentence

beansedb [3:34 PM]

beansedb [3:34]
add the "to" in between "exist" and "empower"

ashaffer [3:35 PM]
yup did in my edit haha

beansedb [3:35 PM]
I over-spruced it up ;-)

ashaffer [3:35 PM]
I do like the process too

beansedb [3:35 PM]
Love it...nice collab-gonna make this a blog post

ashaffer [3:36 PM]

beansedb [5:10 PM]
BTW-it's either "in a personal way" or "personal ways"

in personal ways is prob best

ashaffer [5:10 PM]
gotcha ok

Did your wife grammar police that? :wink:

beansedb [5:15 PM]
i read it to her and switched it during the reading lol

ashaffer [5:17 PM]
gotcha haha

So the final product:

"We exist to empower our customers to build relationships in personal ways with efficiency through texting."

So that's how it happened! How did you come up with your mission statement?


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