Text Message Templates for Realtors

“Wal-mart… do they like, make walls there?” ~Paris Hilton


Do not use these verbatim. Texts always work best when they are in your own words and own tone. These are ideas/concepts for you to build on.

First Text:

Hey (First Name) this is (realtor) with (Company). This is my new business number, please add it to your phone and let me know if you need anything.

"Holiday Texts” Sample:

"Happy Memorial Day, (insert first name)! Hope you and your family have a safe and amazing weekend. (Name of Realtor) w/ (Name of Company)

"Realtor Texting.”

Birthday Text Sample:

Happy birthday, (first name)-hope this year is your best ever and all the best. (LO) with (company)

Referral Text Sample:

Hey (insert name)…we’ve worked together in the past and hopefully you enjoyed your experience. I am texting to see if you would mind keeping an eye/ear out if anyone you know needs a realtor? I promise to take great care of anyone you refer. No pressure! Hope all is well. (realtor) with (Company)

Hey (insert name)-once a year I like to reach out and see if my clients know of anyone who is looking for a new home in hopes of earning referral business. If you or anyone you know ever needs anything, I would be honored to help. (realtor) with (Company)

Anniversary Text:

Hey (insert name), another year has passed since we closed on your home. Time flies. It was my pleasure helping you on this day, and I hope you are doing well. (realtor) with (Company)


(Insert name), I found this article about real estate prices in your area and it made me think of you. Hope life is amazing. (realtor) with (Company)

Texting Base does not offer legal advice-please consult an attorney before starting to text for business purposes.

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