How Can You Be More Liked/Respected

"Nobody Comes Here Anymore, It's Too Crowded" ~Yogi Berra (Baseball Hall of Famer)


Use cases...where people can see how a product works. We are going to do a use case a day for a few weeks, until you get the point.

Being liked has its perks. To be liked, you get warm social treatment. You get invitations to events. Sometimes you get free drinks. Yes, being liked is fantastic, and it's not as hard as you think. Being liked just takes a little effort...or it used to.

Being respected has its perks. When you're respected people want to do business with you. When you're respected people trust you. Trust is built over time and it takes consistent effort...or it used to.

How Texting Base can make you more liked and respected.

1). Sign Up For Texting Base

2). Upload your phone contacts

3) Organize into friends, family, prospects, past customers and co-workers (and/or any other applicable groups).

3). Organize friends who are mothers and fathers into a "Mothers day" and/or "Fathers day" groups. Organize a good Valentine's Day group of people you feel comfortable wishing them well on that holiday. Have any Jewish or Catholic friends? Add them to Hanukah or Christmas. Make sure New Year's and Thanksgiving are also scheduled.

Make sure every contact in your phone hears from you at least 3 times a year...preferably 4.

4). Load in all the birthdays for the people you care about.

5). Personalize and write your holiday messages. Personalize and write a birthday message. Messages will now go out automatically to all of your contacts throughout the year for the rest of your life (if you maintain your Texting Base account).

6) Edit your messages every few years so no one realizes the same message goes out every year.

That's how easy it is to be relevant to another human beings life. Being thoughtful doesn't take years, it takes effort. Each text that's sent will appear to be hand crafted by you, and not a "mass text."

Being liked and respected has its perks, but be careful...now everyone will know your name and you may not have a clue who just bought you that drink or invited you to that party!


Eric Beans is CEO of Texting Base, Inc., out of Orlando, Florida. Texting Base is a cloud-based ”SMS Marketing Automation Platform” which allows entities to personalize group text messages.

Prior to Texting Base, Eric was the first US employee of TechSpan which became Headstrong. Headstrong sold for $550M to GenPact.

With a group of partners in 2005, Eric started Premier Mortgage Capital, Inc., a nationwide state charted Mortgage Company that grew to over 2B/Year in originations.

Eric is the author of "Changing The World Through Texting Software" and writes the entrepreneur section of "LA Style Magazine." Eric is an inventor, investor, and longtime entrepreneur.

Texting Base does not offer legal advice-please consult an attorney before starting to text for business purposes.

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