Work Life Balance: Tips for Entrepreneurs with Babies

"What a kid I got, I told him about the birds and the bees and he told me about the butcher and my wife." ~Rodney Dangerfield

Two in a row baby posts? Is this what my life has come to?

Work life balance is crucial for any entrepreneur. If you can't find that balance, you're in trouble. Much like parenting, it's just fine to make mistakes as a business owner...but catastrophic mistakes are not OK, especially when avoidable.

The main reason I put this list together is that these are valuable tips that I have not seen aggregated on any single site. This is months and months of research, doctors visits and general tips delivered to those of you who are...well...delivering.

Had someone sent me this information months ago, I would be better rested, have less gray hairs, a slighty healthier baby and probably more business.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or giving medical advice...seek the proper guidance and don't blame me for your problems ;-)

-Go see a pregnancy focused chiropractor. The body can easily become off kilter...this can be a life saver. When a woman's body is off alignment, everything from the cervix to hormones can be dramatically affected.

-The extremely invasive sonogram that offers 3d images can cause damage. Be careful with your desire to see a 3d image.

-When your water breaks you will not know how much time you have until the pain kicks in. You know how they say have a bag packed? Don't assume your baby will come around your due date...it doesn't work like that.

-Don't bring tons of baby outfits and baby bottles-hospital has that covered.

-Be nice to your family, you will need them.

-Birth is not the finish line, it's the starting line. This is just like launching a product. Your work starts after birth, and you will be beaten up and need lots of help.

-Pump like crazy the first few days after birth if breasfeeding-that's when most milk receptors are deposited (within 48 hours of birth.)

-Half your brain disappears w your placenta. Be prepared to forget things way more often.

-Gripe water for gas (little remedies is best I've found.)

-Speaking of gas, check the "what not to eat" information. Things that give babies issues will surprise you, like strawberries, peppers and onions. Gas is not your friend!

-Babies have a very weak stomach sphincter so they spit up easily...especially when you fold them. Don't fold them!

-Babies cannot sleep on their own, you must PUT them to sleep...sometimes that's not easy. We bounce ours on a rubber ball. Babies only sleep around 20 minutes unless you put them back to sleep. Prepare to put them to sleep twice...or three times...or four times.

-Sleep when you can. Shower when you can and work when you can. Some of your best work may be late night. Welcome to parenthood!

-Always put a baby down with a belly full of milk, burped and a fresh diaper or you're wasting your time. Same rule applies to car rides. There is nothing worse than driving with a child who is screaming because they are hungry or have gas.

-There are almost always three burps. Don't be fooled by burp one or you'll have a screaming child soon.

-They don't teach much about tongue tie in medical school. Seek out an expert in that specific area to diagnose if you can. Tongue tie is common and causes latching issues along with expensive dental work later in life.

-White noise machine is your best friend-magic for babies to sleep. Don't buy a baby white noise machine-get a bluetooth speaker.

-Babies can only see black and white contrasts up close for the first few months. They are nearly blind.

-Birthing is traumatic on you and the baby. It may be wise to take baby to a chiropractor or Cranial Saceral therapist to make sure no damage was done that would be missed easily by those not trained to look for it.

-Always do your own research. No one cares more than you.

-Pumping and cleaning parts will eat up your entire life...mentally prepare yourself.

-Don't shake your baby...even fairly gentle shakes can scramble their brains.

-Buy baby clothes that are easy to get on and off...outfits won't last long. Babies destroy things quickly.

-Have two outfits when changing them-they make puke on the first one as you are putting it on.

-Babies overheat easily. Always be cognizant of temperature, especially when carrying them close to you or in their strollers. Too much sun is a bad idea.

-Babies go through phases quickly. What they love today, they may not like at all tomorrow.


-Buy a colorful and highly contrasted mobile. Newborn babies go nuts over mobiles.

-If you are breastfeeding and storing milk, buy a deep freezer for ~$170 so the milk lasts 1 year as opposed to 3 months. If you don't do this, say goodbye to your regular freezer as it will be full of milk bags/bottles.

-Buy "bamboo" clothes and diapers. They are super soft durable, easy to wash and stretch to keep the baby feeling secure. They also last WAY longer.

-Get the "Doona" stroller/car seat combo/fucking amazing engineering.

-"Triple Paste" Butt Paste has kept us rash free. Organic butt cream is pure garbage.

-Baby K'atan for wearing babies...everything else is too hot for the baby or poorly engineered.

Hope this information helps a few people. Please feel free to add wisdom to the comments!


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