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24 Auto-Reply Text Message Examples to Ramp Up Response Time

If your support team doesn’t work around the clock, or if you have limited customer service staff, you may want to implement some automatic responses into your text messaging protocols.

We’re here to share some auto-reply text message example scripts to help you devise some of your own. 

We’ve broken down our automated text message examples into a few categories:

It’s time to get creative. Let’s workshop some auto responses. 

General Auto Response

If a customer reaches out via SMS, you may not have a spare moment to respond right away. But you still want to acknowledge the text promptly to show you’ve received their message. Enter the general auto response. 

Try out some of the examples below:

  • “Thanks for reaching out! We’ll respond to your text within X minutes/hours/days.”
  • “Hi [Client Name]! Thank you for the text. Please give us a moment to review your message, and we’ll respond shortly.”
  • “Thank you for contacting [Brand Name]. We’re helping other customers right now, but we’ll respond to your text within X minutes.”
  • “Thanks for contacting [Brand Name]! We’ll respond shortly. If this is an urgent matter, please call our direct line at [customer service phone number].”

Appointment Confirmation Texts

Sometimes your client didn’t initiate an SMS conversation, but you want to confirm an appointment they scheduled online or with a support team member. To do so, you can send a message similar to the examples below:

  • “Hi [Client Name]! Your appointment on [Date] at [Time] [at Location] is confirmed. Looking forward to seeing you!”
  • “Your appointment with [Team Member Name/Brand Name] is confirmed for [Time] on [Date]. To reschedule, please call us at [customer service phone number].”
  • “Thank you for making an appointment on [Date] at [Time]. We look forward to seeing you at [Location]. Thank you for choosing [Brand Name]!”

Out-of-Office Texts

Whether business hours are closed for the day or all of your customer support reps are busy, you should compose an out-of-office text to keep customers informed. Customize one of the templates below:

  • “Hi [Client Name]! We’re currently closed. We’ll reach out to you as soon as we open on [Date/Day of the Week].”
  • “Thank you for reaching out to [Brand Name]. All of our representatives are busy at the moment, but we’ll respond to your text as soon as possible.”
  • “[Brand Name/Team Member] is on vacation until [Date]. If this is an urgent matter, please call us at [customer service phone number]. Otherwise, we’ll reach out when our office reopens on [Date].”

Customer Service Texts

For messages specifically related to customer support, it’s critical to acknowledge the client as soon as possible. Your customer support auto-reply text could say:

  • “Thank you for reaching out! We’re looking forward to helping you resolve your issue. A customer service representative will respond shortly.”
  • “Hello [Client Name]. A customer support agent will be with you shortly. Thank you for your patience.”
  • “Thanks for contacting the customer service line at [Brand Name]. We’ll respond as soon as the next agent is available. If this is an urgent matter, please call [customer service phone number].”
  • “Hi [Client Name]! You’ve reached our customer service line. To better serve you, we’ve assigned a ticket number to your case: [Ticket Number]. A representative will be with you ASAP.”

Review Request Texts

If you’d like to ask a recent client for a review, why not send a request via text? Automate review requests using one of the following scripts:

  • “Hi [Client Name]! Thanks for choosing [Brand Name]. Would you be interested in leaving us a Google review? If so, please click the following link: [Link to Google business page].”
  • “Thank you for choosing [Brand Name]! We value your feedback. If you’d like to leave a review of our [product/services], please head over to our Google business page: [Link].”
  • “Hello [Client Name]. We’re grateful for your business. Please consider leaving us a Google review to help us grow and improve. We appreciate your feedback!”
  • “[Client Name], would you like to leave a review for [Product Name]? Use the link below to submit your feedback: [Link].”

Purchase Confirmation Texts

When a client makes a purchase, you can confirm the transaction via text, email or both. Test out one of the templates below:

  • “Your purchase of [Product Name] is confirmed. Here’s a link to your receipt: [Link]. If you have any questions or concerns, please reply to this message. Thank you for choosing [Brand Name]!”
  • “Thank you for your purchase! Your order is in process. If you’d like to receive shipping updates via text, reply “YES” to this message.”
  • “We’ve received your order for [Product Name]. Thank you for choosing [Brand Name]. If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please respond to this message.”

Opt-In Confirmation Texts

Whether a client recently signed up for text message updates or opted into a subscription upgrade, you can confirm their subscription with an automated text. Some examples include:

  • “Thanks for signing up for text updates, [Client Name]! If you have any questions, please respond to this message. If you’d like to opt-out of future texts, please reply STOP. Looking forward to chatting with you!”
  • “Hi [Client Name]! Thanks for signing up for text alerts. As a welcome gift, here’s a coupon code for 15% off your next order: [Code].”
  • “Thanks for signing up for text alerts! You’re a valued member of the [Brand Name] family. Please respond to this message if you have any questions or concerns or if you’d like to opt-out of text updates.”

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