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24 Appointment Reminder Texts To Help You Streamline Your Workweek

24 Appointment Reminder Texts To Help You Streamline Your Workweek

Forgotten appointments are huge hassles for businesses and clients alike. Luckily, sending a simple appointment reminder text a day or two ahead of time reduces the chance of customers missing their consultation or class.

Recent studies show that text message appointment reminders decrease both no-shows and canceled appointments. So, if you’re not using them, you may be spending unnecessary time rescheduling and replanning. 

This guide lays out some essential reminder texts for different industries. So, whether you’re a geriatrician, gym or gutter-cleaning service, there’s a template here to help your clientele stay punctual once they have a confirmed appointment.

Medical and Healthcare Industry

Medical clinics have many moving parts, so missed appointments can cause headaches for staff members across your organization. To reduce no-shows, consider these reminder texts.

General Appointment Reminder for Medical Practices

Hello {Patient}, this message is to remind you of your appointment at {Practice} on {Date} at {Time}. Please reply “C” to confirm.

Dentist Appointments

Hello {Patient}, you have an appointment with {Medical professional} at {Clinic name} on {Date} at {Time}. Please reply “C” to confirm.

Doctor's Appointments and Clinics

Hello {Patient}, this is a friendly reminder of your appointment with {Doctor} at {Time} on {Date}. Please check in at our reception area 15 minutes before your appointment. Please reply “C” to confirm. 


Hello {Patient}, this text is to remind you of your appointment with {Specialist} at {Clinic} on {Date} at {Time}. Please {Any special instructions}. Reply “C” to confirm.

Text Messages and HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Profitability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) dictates how healthcare providers can share information with patients. Generally, standard Short Messaging Service (SMS) messages aren’t HIPAA compliant. 

However, if these essential conditions are met, SMS can meet the act’s standards:

  • The patient has given consent to communicate about healthcare matters via text
  • The patient has been given the option to opt out of SMS communications
  • The messages are sent via a HIPAA-compliant messaging app that encrypts their contents

So, if you want to remind your patients of upcoming doctor, dentist or clinical appointments, make sure they sign off first and you use a texting platform that follows HIPAA’s standards

Beauty and Wellness Industry

From beauticians to barbers, many people working in the beauty and wellness industry are self-employed and paying rent for their workspaces. For these pros, missed appointments equate directly to lost profit. 

To keep your clientele coming on time, try sending these reminders before their next appointments. 

Hair Salons and Stylists

Hey {Client}! You’ve got a {Type of service} with {Stylist} at {Salon} on {Date}. Please arrive by {Time}. Reply “C” to confirm.

Nail Salons and Manicurists

Hi there {Client}! Your {Type of service} is set for {Time} at {Date} at {Salon}. Please reply “C” to confirm.

Wellness Centers and Spas

Hey {Client}, it’s almost time to kick back and relax! Your {Type of service} is scheduled for {Time} on {Date} at {Spa}. Please reply “C” to confirm.

Massage Therapists 

Hello {Client}, this is {Masseuse} from {Massage therapy business}. Your massage is scheduled for {Time} on {Date}. Please reply “C” to confirm.

Fitness and Personal Training Industry

Fitness is an important aspect of life, but it can often fall to the back burner when things get busy. To remind your clients that their health is everything, send them these messages.

Gyms and Fitness Studios

Hey {Client}, lace your trainers up and get your gloves on! You’ve got a workout set at {Gym} on {Date} at {Time}. Please reply “C” to confirm.

Personal Trainers 

Hey {Client}! This is {Trainer} reminding you of our training session at {Location} on {Date} at {Time}. Make sure to fuel up beforehand; we’re really going to push for this one! Please reply “C” to confirm.

Group Fitness Activities

Hey {Client}, our {Type of activity} starts at {Time} sharp on {Date} at {Location}. Please arrive early so that we’re all ready to start on time! Reply “C” to confirm.

Scheduled Sessions and Consultations

Hey {Client}, you have a consultation with {Consultant or trainer} at {Fitness center} at {Time} on {Date}. Please reply “C” to confirm.

Legal and Financial Services Industry

Legal and financial matters are often extremely important and time-sensitive. To minimize the risks of your clients missing important meetings, try reminding them with these messages. 

Law Firms and Attorneys

Hello {Client}. This text is to remind you of your meeting with {Attorney} at {Law firm} on {Date} at {Time}. Please have all necessary documents prepared. Reply “C” to confirm. 

Financial Advisors and Consultants

Hello {Client}, you’ve got a consultation scheduled with {Advisor} at {Consulting firm} at {Time} on {Date}. Please bring all previously discussed documentation. Reply “C” to confirm. 

Tax Preparation and Accounting Services

Hello {Client}, this is a reminder of your {Service type} at {Firm} on {Date} at {Time}. Please prepare all forms and documentation ahead of time. Reply “C” to confirm. 

Notaries and Legal Document Signings

Hello {Client}, you have a {Service type} scheduled at {Time} on {Date}. Please have any documents you need notarized or legalized ready to go. Reply “C” to confirm.

Education and Tutoring Industry

Students are notorious for forgetting their homework and supplies, so reminding them of their scheduled appointments couldn't hurt. Try out these messages to keep them coming to class.

Academic Tutors

Hi {Student}, this is your tutor {Tutor}. Get your books ready; we have a session scheduled for {Time} on {Date} at {Location}. Please reply “C” to confirm.

Test Preparation Services and Classes

Hi {Student}, this is a reminder of your {Class or service} at {Location} on {Date} at {Time}. Please have all your supplies ready beforehand and arrive on time. Reply “C” to confirm. 

Music Lessons and Instructors

Get your {Instrument or vocal cords} ready {Student}, you have a lesson with {Instructor} at {Location} on {Date} at {Time}. Please reply “C” to confirm.

Home Services Industry

Often, people in the home services industry can’t even do their jobs unless the homeowners are there to give them access to the property. Use these reminder texts to reduce the chances of showing up to a house and twiddling your thumbs until the owner arrives. 

Home Repair and Maintenance Services

Hello {Homeowner}, you have a {Type of service} scheduled for {Time} on {Date} with {Company}. Please be home or call {Phone number} to arrange access ahead of time. Reply “C” to confirm.

Cleaning Services and Maid Appointments

Hey {Homeowner}, it’s almost time to tidy your home and rejuvenate your life! You have a cleaning scheduled with {Company} on {Date} at {Time}. Please reply “C” to confirm.

Pest Control and Extermination Services

Hello {Homeowner}, this is {Company} reminding you of your {Extermination or other service} scheduled on {Date}. Please be home at {Time} and ready to stay out of the house for the rest of the day, if necessary. Reply “C” to confirm.

Landscaping and Gardening Services

Hi {Homeowner}, this is {Company} reminding you of your {Service} scheduled for {Time} on {Date}. Please have all necessary equipment ready and accessible. Reply “C” to confirm.

Keep Operations Running Smoothly With Text Message Reminders

Text message reminders are useful tools to keep your clientele coming in on time and have been proven to reduce no-shows and cancellations. They’re easy to implement and can be customized to fit your industry and business.

In fact, text reminders should be catered to your specific clientele, as custom text reminders allow you to:

  • Remind clients of your brand’s name and the services you offer
  • Have them prepare any equipment, documentation or other necessary items beforehand
  • Use a tone that reflects the nature of your business and services
  • Give your message a personalized touch that makes customers feel more connected to your brand

So, if you’re not already utilizing text reminders to keep your clientele up-to-date on their appointments, they may be missing more than necessary. Shoot them a message a day or two before their scheduled meeting, tell them all the details they need to know and confirm with them that they’ll be coming.

Use Texting Base For All Your Business’s Texting Needs

Texting Base is an intuitive SMS and MMS platform that can support any industry. With our easy-to-use interface, you can keep close contact with your clients to remind them of upcoming appointments, offers or anything else. You can also set up auto-reply text messages to keep engagement high and ensure each customer feels heard.

Texting Base allows you to customize the receiver’s name and message information, making managing a large pool of customers a breeze. Try it today and make missed appointments a thing of the past.



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