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14 SMS Templates for Healthcare Businesses

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Communication between a physician and their patient is very important, yet in today's world, it can sometimes take days of missed calls and playing phone tag for a patient to schedule an appointment or receive test results. 

That’s where an SMS platform can help. With a few customizable templates, you’ll have a way to keep in touch with your current patients and enable staff members to answer common questions. This means you can give your full attention to the patient sitting in front of you.

Below are some medical text examples you can use for a variety of healthcare practices. If you’re new to SMS marketing, check out our blog on SMS Marketing - Benefits and Best Practices.

Table of Contents

Templates for Physician Offices

Templates for Dental Offices

Templates for Optometry Offices

Templates for Elective Treatments and Health Spas

Template Types - New Patients, Appointments and More

From appointment reminders to changing office hours, it is important that your patients get information in the most direct way possible. Here are a few instances when medical text messaging can help streamline patient communications.

  • New patients or leads
  • Appointment confirmation texts
  • Appointment reminders
  • Appointment cancellation & rescheduling
  • Follow-up texts
  • Review requests
  • Operating hours & office closures
  • Special offers

*Reminder: in order to remain HIPAA-compliant, you must never send Protected Health Information via SMS. 

Text Message Templates for Physician Offices

Busy schedules and the unpredictable nature of healthcare mean that doctors' offices can sometimes be hard to reach. With these templates, you can show your patients that you are responsive and consistently thinking of ways to meet their needs. .

  • Thank you for scheduling an appointment with [Doctor Name] for [Date, Time]. To reschedule, reply R, to cancel, reply C.
  • Notes from your visit to [Doctor Name] are available on the Patient Portal [URL]. Call [Phone Number] if you have any questions.
  • [Patient Name], you have new test results. [Doctor Name] has posted your test results to the Patient Portal. [URL] 
  • [Practice Name] will be closed on [Holiday] to give our employees time to spend with their families! We will resume our regular hours on [Date, Time].

Templates for Dental Offices

Going to the dentist might be drudgery for many people, but it doesn’t have to be. With an SMS platform, scheduling a teeth cleaning can be a breeze for both patient and dentist and help ensure they come in for regular cleanings.

  • You have rescheduled your appointment with [Doctor Name] for [Date, Time]. To cancel, reply C.
  • Now that your teeth are minty fresh, it's time to put your next cleaning on the books! Visit [URL] to schedule your next appointment with [Dentist Name].
  • [Company Name] has changed its hours and will now be closing at 3:00 PM on Fridays. If you need to reschedule or cancel any appointments, call [Phone Number].
  • Halloween is around the corner! Get 10% off a child's teeth cleaning if you make an appointment at [Company Name] between Nov. 1 - Nov. 7. Call [Phone Number].

Templates for Optometry Offices

Many people place their eye care on the backburner, especially if they have no major issues with their vision. However, regular visits to the eye doctor are essential for maintaining good eye health and catching things like glaucoma or cataracts early.

  • This is a reminder of your upcoming appointment with [Doctor Name] for [Date, Time]. To reschedule, reply R, to cancel, reply C.
  • It's time for your annual vision screening at [Practice Name]! Call [Phone Number] to schedule an appointment with [Doctor Name] today!
  • Hello [Patient Name], please consider taking our patient satisfaction survey! It will help us “see” how we can improve patient satisfaction! [URL]

Templates for Elective Treatments and Med Spas

Med Spas and other facilities that offer elective treatments often have seasonal surges in clientele. In order to keep the schedule running smoothly, you must keep in touch regarding appointment changes and office hours.

  • Hello [Patient Name]. This is a reminder of your appointment with [Doctor/Technician Name] for [Date, Time]. To reschedule, reply R, to cancel, reply C.
  • Hello [Patient Name]. We would like to schedule the 2nd step of your treatment at [Company Name] in the next 2 weeks. Please call [Phone Number] to make an appointment.
  • Hi [Patient Name], [Company Name] is offering 15% off facials this weekend! Call [Phone Number] to book an appointment!

Send Healthcare Text Messages with Texting Base

Text messaging in healthcare is a significant value-add to your patients and a way to simplify frequently asked questions and broad updates across your practice. Integrating an SMS platform can help improve communication for everyone.

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