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What Does Send SMS Via Server Mean?

What Does Send SMS Via Server Mean?

Every once in a while, you may receive a message receipt on your Android device that looks different than usual. Rather than Sent or Read, a small Sent as SMS via Server may pop up next to your delivered message. 

So, what does the phrase “Sent as SMS via Server” mean?

Just like they do for websites, internet servers facilitate traffic and requests for many messaging platforms. That means when your phone is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data, your Short Messaging System (SMS) messages may be sent via these servers rather than your cellular service.

But, what does Send SMS via Server mean for end users? It’s generally not a cause for concern, but we’ll go over the ins and outs of the casually cryptic message in this guide.

The Role of Servers in SMS Communication

Before jumping into the relationship between SMS and servers, it’s important to understand what a server is. While popular culture may have us envision large rooms full of oversized, beeping metal boxes, real servers present a very different picture.. 

Essentially, servers are computer programs that can be accessed remotely via a network connection to facilitate resources and services for another program. 

Your phone can connect to a server to send and receive SMS messages rather than relying on its cellular network. This is an example of an SMS gateway, which is an alternative to Short Message Service Centers (SMSCs), the traditional protocols by which SMS messages are sent and received. 

SMSCs function via cellular service, while SMS gateways rely on an internet connection.

Often, SMS gateways are a means of sending SMS messages from computers, but they can also be used in conjunction with cell phones.

Why Texts Get Sent as SMS Via a Server

The reason that an SMS gets sent via a server is simple: it was probably never meant to be an SMS in the first place.

Recently, Google updated its default messaging protocol from SMS to the more secure and robust Rich Communication Services (RCS). RCS (which is Android’s default Messages app) sends messages via mobile data and Wi-Fi rather than cellular connection like SMS.

Sometimes, however, Android’s Messages app may convert an RCS message to an SMS for the recipient to be able to get it. This may happen if:

  • The recipient's phone isn’t compatible with RCS
  • The recipient has RCS functionality disabled on their device
  • The recipient has no cellular data and isn’t connected to Wi-Fi

In such cases, you may receive the no-longer-puzzling message. And, when you do, you’ll know the true Send SMS via Server meaning is fairly banal: it’s just two different messaging systems interacting and telling you about it.

Rich Communication Services (RCS) Messaging

Why did Android start using RCS, and if it’s supposed to be better, why are they still converting messages to SMS? 

Per Google, RCS offers a ton of advantages over SMS, including: 

  • The ability to send high-resolution pictures and video—a feature that presents stiff competition to SMS’s main counterpart, Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)
  • Knowing when someone is typing
  • Sending messages via internet connection
  • The ability to create and manage group chats
  • Read receipts
  • Secure, end-to-end encryption

Converting an RCS message to SMS still allows the messaging parties to benefit from these enhanced functions. Furthermore, these features also present copious benefits to businesses during their interactions with customers, including:

  • Lightning-fast communication
  • The potential to send large files containing high-quality samples of your work
  • The power to sort your clients into groups and target marketing efforts toward them
  • Peace of mind knowing trade secrets are safe in encrypted form

Benefits of Sending SMS via Server 

Businesses aren’t the only ones who benefit from sending SMS messages via a server. Consumers likewise can reap the rewards of such protocols, such as:

  • Seeing the business that they’re chatting with is available to them and actively responding
  • Continued communication in cellular dead zones via Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Confidence in sending sensitive information knowing it’s protected via encryption

These benefits simplify communication between companies and clients, leading to a more amicable overall experience for all parties. Businesses can also rest assured knowing that when they send SMSs via a server, there’s a history of their delivery, reception and opening. Meaning, there’s always a record ready for consultation in case of disputes and discrepancies.

How to Disable Sending SMS Via Server 

Sending SMSs via a server has a few downsides, such as using mobile data or letting people know when you’ve read their messages. Thus, some may choose to forgo this feature in favor of other messaging options. To do this, you can try a few solutions:

  • Disconnect from Wi-Fi and turn off your mobile data to send regular SMS messages
  • Disable RCS on your phone to disconnect from potential SMS gateways
  • Ensure both you and your intended recipient have RCS enabled to forgo SMS altogether

The Final Verdict on Sent as SMS Message Via a Server

Sending SMSs via a server imbues messaging with more capabilities that businesses, clients and friends can use to keep in quicker, closer communication. Features such as read receipts and group messaging enhance basic SMS and elevate it for use on modern devices.

Though there are a few downsides to sending SMS messages via a server, there are methods of disabling or circumventing the practice, should you choose to.

Send SMS Messages Via a Server With Texting Base

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