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What Is VoIP Texting?

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As more businesses move away from traditional marketing strategies, the internet is stepping in to help them meet their advertising needs. 

SMS marketing is increasing in popularity among businesses, and with that, more businesses are employing VoIP texting.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it is a method of placing and receiving phone calls and text messages over the internet. You don’t need a cell phone, landline or even a phone plan; as long as you have a computer or other device that connects to the internet, you can use a VoIP.

After creating an account with a VoIP provider and receiving a phone number, you can begin sending messages from any device with an internet connection. The recipient will not be able to tell the difference between a VoIP text and a regular mobile phone text.

How a VoIP Text is Different From Traditional SMS

Even though VoIP text and traditional SMS are indistinguishable to the recipient, there are differences between the two. For example, VoIP texting comes with more advanced texting features and is more suitable for mass messaging.

Here’s a quick breakdown to compare VoIP systems against a traditional texting service.

VoIP Text

  • Schedule texts days, weeks or months in advance
  • Send texts to many people at once & recipients don’t see anyone else in the chat
  • Uses a plan from a VoIP provider, which is cheaper than a traditional SMS plan
  • Can text from multiple phone numbers on the same device

Traditional SMS

  • Cannot schedule texts in advance
  • In order to send mass texts, you must create a group chat & recipients can see who else you messaged
  • Needs a plan from a phone carrier, which can be more expensive
  • Each device has only one phone number

Should You Choose VoIP Texting for Your Business?

A VoIP text is better than traditional SMS for managing large quantities of messages and conversations. Also, you can message from your computer or laptop, which is much easier than trying to keep track of everything on a small phone screen.

Below are some additional benefits that a VoIP service offers:

Send Mass Texts

  • Sales and promotions - get the word out about a new product offering or a sale you’re having to your entire subscriber list. 
  • Customer support - respond to questions and complaints. Any team member can take over seamlessly since it's all on the same phone number.
  • HR - follow up on job interviews, and send reminders for upcoming interviews.

Automate Messages

  • If clients contact you outside business hours, set up a response that lets them know you received their message and when you will contact them to follow up.
  • You can set it up to send a message when a customer performs specific actions like abandoning their cart, completing a purchase, or filling out a form.

Share Phone Numbers 

  • Team members can collaborate on conversations and take over assisting a customer as needed
  • Being able to share the same business number on multiple devices allows employees to have all the context they need from prior conversations with the customer so they don’t repeat information or ask the customer to explain their situation every time their contact person changes.

Voicemail to Text

Some VoIP providers offer a service that transcribes your voicemails and sends them to your SMS inbox, so you can read them right away and know if it is an urgent matter without having to listen to the whole message. It is also helpful to have a visual reminder so you can remember to call the customer back and follow up with them.

Streamline Customer Communications With Texting Base

Marketing directly to consumers is evolving, and VoIP SMS is on the rise. It offers more customizable features, doesn’t need a standard mobile phone plan and customer service team members can collaborate seamlessly across devices.

When you make an account with Texting Base, you are assigned a unique VoIP number that allows you to begin messaging your customers right away. See what VoIP texting can do for your business by signing up for your free trial of Texting Base today!