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What You Need to Know About 10 DLC Messaging

what you need to know about 10dlc messaging

The SMS marketing industry is growing rapidly. There are many different ways to message customers, and the avenue you choose can depend on a few factors.

You might think that all SMS messaging is the same. However, there are a few different channels you can utilize as a business, and they have their own pros and cons. Today we will be talking about 10DLC and what you need to know.     

What is 10DLC Messaging?

10DLC is an abbreviation for 10-Digit Long Code, and it is a 10-digit phone number that businesses can use locally to send messages to customers. 

10DLC’s are what’s known as A2P messaging, or “Application to Person Messaging.” This means that the company is messaging customers from a bulk texting app like Texting Base, instead of a personal cellular device. 

It’s different from a toll free number because it is designed to support sending a high volume of messages per day. While you can send messages with a toll free number, they have a limit on the number of messages you can send at one time and per day.

The Benefits of a 10DLC Phone Number

To help you decide whether this is the right messaging choice for your business, let’s break down some of the advantages of using a 10DLC phone number.

1. You can choose a local phone number

A local phone number will increase customer engagement because they recognize your number as being from the area. This can be better than a random string of numbers like a short code {example: 29796} or an impersonal 1-800 phone number.

2. Send instant messages

A 10DLC number has the capacity to send hundreds of texts per second versus standard person-to-person (P2P) messaging that only allows for one message per second.

3. Schedule messages according to your chosen timelines

A2P SMS messages allow you to set up certain times to send messages out, so you aren’t attached to your phone or computer all day and can focus on other aspects of your business.

4. Easy conversion from existing landlines

If you already have a number that you are using to contact customers, it is easy to convert to a  10DLC. You can register with a cellular provider and pay some additional fees to get access to their 10DLC program, and continue using your existing number to message customers.

5. Reduced deliverability issues

Many cellular networks have pre-approved 10DLCs for companies to use, so it is a better guarantee that your message will get to your customers than if you try to use a local long code.

6. Improved Campaign Tracking

Another great thing about 10DLC numbers is that they can be used for multiple campaigns. This means that you can segment your customer base and send out different messages to each group. 

This is an excellent tool for A/B testing and for personalizing messages according to audience demographics and interests. All that to say, the ability to form and track campaigns is an extremely powerful marketing tool that can help you boost sales and engagement. 

7. Can be dialed for voice calls

10DLC numbers can support voice calls making it more convenient for your customers to text and call you on the same number.

Sign Up for a 10DLC with Texting Base

Communicating by text has never been more important to a business. But, with choices like short-code, long-code and toll-free numbers, things can get confusing.

Allow us to help you choose the best business messaging solution for your needs, starting with a powerful bulk texting platform.  

Find out how much SMS can help improve your text marketing game by signing up for a free trial of Texting Base today!