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17 Engaging Templates for Sending Real Estate Messages to Clients

real estate agent showing a home to a couple

Real estate agents are always on the go. From showing homes to running open houses, the job takes you across town, and into neighboring cities, sometimes all in a day. 

With all the back and forth, and having to keep track of multiple listings and potential buyers, how do you have the time to respond to all of your clients’ queries? 

This is where SMS templates save the day. If you use an SMS marketing service such as Texting Base, you can program an auto-response for common questions that you get, and save time because your clients get the answers they need while you are out there growing your business. 

Here are some real estate text message ideas to get you started!

17 Real Estate SMS Marketing Templates

Below we offer some customizable templates that any real estate business can start using, today.

1. Welcome Message Template

  • Hi [Client Name], thank you for contacting me! Are you looking to buy or sell a house?

2. Information Request Template

  • Hello [Client Name], thank you for your interest in this property! You can get more info about this property at [URL].

3. Relationship Building Template

  • What are the hottest paint colors for 2022? Check out this blog post if you are considering repainting your home exterior! [URL]
  • Check out some tips on how to stage your house to get the best offer! [URL]
  • Here’s what you can do to save water during these hot summer months! [URL]

4. Seller Template

  • Hello, thanks for contacting me! What is your ideal timeline for selling your home?
  • Hi [Client Name], when would be a good time for us to do a walkthrough of your home?   

5. Buyer Template

  • Hi [Client Name]! What neighborhoods are you interested in? Let me know so I can find some listings for you.
  • Hi [Client Name], let's schedule a time this week to look at some properties. Let me know which dates work best for you.

6. Leasing Template

  • Thank you for choosing [Company Name] to help lease your property! My name is [First Name], and I can answer any questions you have!

7. Open House Template

For Buyers:

  • Hi [Client Name], I am hosting an open house at [Address] that I think you’ll really enjoy! Stop by on [Date and Time] and see what you think!

For Sellers:

  • Hi [Client Name], what is a good time for us to do a final walkthrough of your home before the open house? Let me know!

8. Appointment Confirmation Template

For Buyers:

  • Hi [Client Name], thank you for scheduling an appointment to review local listings at [Date, Time]. Looking forward to showing you what our city has to offer! Text Y to confirm, C to cancel.

For Sellers:

  • Hi [Client Name], thank you for scheduling an appointment to do a walkthrough of your property! Looking forward to helping you get the best offer for your home! Text Y to confirm, C to cancel.

9. Appointment Reminder Template

For Buyers:

  • Hi [Client Name], I’m eager to review local listings with you on [Date, Time]! Text C to cancel. If you need to reschedule, please call [Phone Number].

For Sellers:

  • Hi [Client Name], I’m excited to do a walkthrough of your home at [Date, Time] and get it ready to sell! Text C to cancel. If you need to reschedule, please call [Phone Number].

10. Follow-up Template

For Buyers:

  • Hi [Client Name], I’m excited to do walkthroughs of the properties you were interested in! Please let me know which times you are available. Thanks, [First Name].

For Sellers:

  • Hi [Client Name], your home looks ready for an open house! Please let me know which dates and times are convenient for you! Thanks, [First Name]

11. Upcoming Event Template

  • Hi [Client Name], my company [Company Name] is hosting an event on the benefits of getting pre-qualified to buy a house! If you’re interested, it’s at [Location, Date, Time]. Hope to see you there!

12. Congratulatory Template

For Buyers:

  • Congratulations [Client Name], your offer was accepted! You are officially a homeowner! Let’s meet at my office to sign the paperwork and celebrate!

For Sellers:

  • Congratulations [Client Name], you have officially sold your home! Let's meet at my office to sign the paperwork and celebrate your new adventure!

13. Referral/Review Template

  • Hi [Client Name], glad to see you are settling into your new home! If you enjoyed the process, please consider recommending me to a friend or two! I’d love to help them buy, sell or lease their home!

Real Estate Education Templates

What should clients know about buying, renting, or selling their property? Sometimes clients ask similar questions. Here are some templates to keep handy for answering those common questions.

14. What is the Neighborhood Like?

  • Great question! It is a/an [up and coming area/well-established area/great area to raise kids]. I can send you some websites that have school ratings, community amenities and crime statistics.

15. How Much Have Homes Sold for in the Neighborhood?

  • Our business has sold multiple homes in the area. Here is a list of recent sales and homes that are currently on the market [URL]. Please give me a call if you have any questions!

16.  How Long Will it Take to Sell My Home?

  • The average time it takes to sell a house is 4-6 weeks, but that can change depending on the current market and the house's location, among other things. Give me a call so we can talk more about your property!

17. Should I Make Repairs Before Listing My House? 

  • Many buyers want a move-in-ready home. It’s usually worthwhile to make significant repairs so you can get a higher asking price. Call me so we can discuss any repairs you might need to make. 

Best Practices When Sending Real Estate Messages to Clients

Personalize Each Message

Make sure to include the client’s name in each text so they don’t think it’s an automated message.

Keep it Short

Text messages are designed to deliver information in a quick and easy-to-read format, so just stick to the main points and encourage your clients to call or email you for a more detailed explanation.

Sign Off 

Sign off with your name or the company’s name to make it feel like they’re talking to a person and not a robot.

Send Real Estate SMS with Texting Base

Keeping in touch with clients and answering all of their questions doesn’t have to take up your whole day. You can program an auto-response for common questions that will save you time and give your clients the answers they need.

See how SMS can help you connect with your customers and help grow your business by signing up for a free trial with Texting Base today!

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