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10 Customer Feedback Request Messages for SMS

10 Customer Feedback Request Messages for SMS

Customer feedback is equally important to SMS marketing as promotional marketing and product launches. 

But which feedback request message should you send? Given that 95% of customers take reviews into account before making a purchase, it’s crucial that you have a system in place for requesting these valuable pieces of consumer input. 

In this guide, we’ll unpack ten SMS review request messages you can use to ask for customer feedback.

Table of Contents

  1. After a Recent Purchase
  2. After Visiting Your Store
  3. After Connecting with Customer Service
  4. After Using a New Feature on Your Website
  5. Messages Designed for New Customers
  6. Messages Designed for Long-Time Customers
  7. Review Response Messages
  8. Messages Responding to Social Media Mentions
  9. Messages Asking Specific Questions
  10. Online Check-Out Process Feedback Requests

#1 After a Recent Purchase

Following up with a customer after they make a purchase is one of the best times to try one of these customer feedback text message samples. That’s because this message type can:

  • Channel customer energy 
  • Promote customer support
  • Answer any immediate questions

Furthermore, customers are more likely to write a review following a recent purchase because it’s still top-of-mind. 

To build this template, include a greeting, acknowledge their recent purchase and ask them to leave a review. For example:

“Thank you for your recent purchase, [customer name]! We’d love it if you could share your thoughts about your new [product]. It only takes 60 seconds! [link].”

#2 After Visiting Your Store

Like messages sent to customers after a purchase, messages sent after customers visit your store can channel customer energy and excitement.

Questions you might ask in this SMS message include:

  • How was the store’s layout?
  • Was the store clean and well-maintained?
  • What was the check-out experience like?
  • Did employees help you find what you were looking for?

These types of questions are usually reserved for internal purposes instead of a public review. They give you valuable insight into customer sentiment regarding your in-store experience. 

Here’s a template you can customize with any of the above questions:

“Thank you for your recent visit! To continue providing the best experience for our guests, we’d love to know what you thought about [our store’s layout/the cleanliness of our store/your check-out experience/our staff]. Please respond with A, B, C, or D.

A. Excellent

  1. Good
  2. Average
  3. Needs Improvement”

#3 After Connecting with Customer Service

Customers may connect with customer service for several reasons, so this template should focus on your customer’s experience with your customer service team members.

Sample questions to ask include:

  • How was our customer service?
  • Did our customer service exceed your expectations?

Here’s a template you can customize with any of the above questions:

“Thank you for connecting with us! Can you take a moment to let us know more about your recent exchange with [Name of Customer Service Representative]? Please respond Y to receive a link to a brief, 1-minute survey.”

#4 After Using a New Feature on Your Website

From subscription forms to interactive shopping widgets, business website features keep getting more advanced. 

When first launching these features, it’s helpful to receive customer feedback. After all, just because you find these features intuitive doesn’t mean they’re user-friendly.

A sample template request focused on new feature feedback might read:

“We noticed that you used our new [insert website feature]. We’d love to hear how the feature impacted your purchase!”

Additionally, you might use this template to alert customers to:

  • New website updates
  • User-accessibility features

#5 Messages Designed for New Customers

It’s important not to drive new customers away by being “overly aggressive” with your feedback request messages. Always look for ways to welcome these customers while asking them for feedback.

A sample new customer feedback request message may read:

“Thank you so much for choosing our business. We’d love to hear about your first experience! Please consider leaving a review [insert business link].”

#6 Messages Designed for Long-Time Customers

If new customers can provide honest first impressions, long-time customers can better speak to your company’s values. 

Furthermore, long-term customers are more likely to provide verified reviews, which are crucial to your strategy. Studies show that customers are 15% more likely to complete a purchase after reading verified reviews.

A long-time customer feedback request message might read:

“You’ve been a customer for several years. As a result, your feedback is especially important. Please leave us a review at [link].

#7 Review Response Messages

Messages that respond to customer reviews can be just as vital as the initial reviews themselves. That’s because people spend, on average, 49% more money at businesses that respond to customer reviews.

Responding to customer reviews can increase customer satisfaction in the following ways:

  • Customers feel like your business hears their voices
  • You can resolve issues in a friendly manner
  • Customers may be more inclined to leave future reviews

A sample response message might read:

“Hi [customer name], thank you so much for sharing your experience! We’re so glad to hear you love our [product/service].”

“Hi [customer name], thank you so much for your candid feedback! We’re sorry you were disappointed with our [product/service]. Please reach out to us at [email]; we’d like to set things right!”

#8 Messages Responding to Social Media Mentions

Customers mentioning your business on social media may be more willing to leave a formal review. As a result, reaching out to these customers can increase customer feedback.

A sample social media mention response message might read:

“Hi, there! Thank you so much for mentioning us on [insert social media platform]! Would you be willing to leave a review at [insert business link]? 

#9 Messages Asking Specific Questions

While positive general reviews can help boost your revenue, specific reviews that address frequently asked questions can help you save time, energy and money. 

Messages asking specific questions can be particularly helpful when you’re launching a new product or feature. You can also ask specific questions to increase customer service and satisfaction.

A template using this message type might read:

“Thank you, [insert customer name], for using our [insert new feature]. We’d love to hear your thoughts! Please leave us a review at [insert business link].

#10 Online Check-Out Process Feedback Requests

Check-out process messages ask customers about their purchasing, shipping and receiving experience. Aside from collecting feedback, these messages show that your business proactively handles issues.

In addition to thanking customers for their purchase, these messages might ask customers:

  • How their purchase experience went
  • How shipping could be improved
  • If they received an order confirmation

Again, these questions should be reserved for internal purposes instead of a public review. This type of message might read:

“Thank you for your recent purchase! We’re always working hard to make sure your online shopping experience is top-notch. Please respond with 1, 2, 3, or 4 to let us know what you thought about our check-out process.

1 - It was easy!

2 - It was somewhat easy

3  - It was confusing

4 - I almost abandoned my purchase

Send Customer Feedback Request Messages with Texting Base

Customer feedback request messages can help your business thrive every time you press send. That said, not every SMS platform is the same. For the best in SMS and MMS solutions for businesses, you need Texting Base.

To get started, simply sign up for a free-trial, add your contact base and start sending your customer feedback request messages. 

Whether you’re replying to reviews or scheduling a new product feedback message, Texting Base can help you get the feedback you need to run your business.



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