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20+ Happy Halloween Text Messages to Send from Your Business

happy halloween text

As fall breezes slowly replace the summer heat, Halloween fans everywhere get excited for their favorite holiday.

Some of these spooky season devotees are likely on your client list, so it’s time to prepare your Happy Halloween text message to promote your business

If you’re looking for text inspiration, this is the list for you. We’ll break down message ideas into six categories:

The list below will help you craft the perfect text message marketing campaign—and get you in the Halloween spirit!

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Halloween Wishes

If you’re simply looking to wish your customers a Happy Halloween, you can still secure brand exposure even if you don’t run a promotion or event. Check out the following text message ideas:

  • Happy Halloween from [Company Name]! Enjoy pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating and local fall fun activities. 
  • [Company Name] wishes you a Happy Halloween! Stay safe, have fun and enjoy the season’s spookiest holiday!
  • Happy Halloween, [Customer Name]! From all of us at [Company Name], have a safe and spooky All Hallows’ Eve.
  • How’s your costume coming along? Happy Halloween from everyone at [Company Name]. Have fun carving pumpkins and eating your favorite candy this fall. 
  • Happy Halloween, [Customer Name]! Wishing you a safe, fun and spooky holiday full of tricks and treats. 
  • Got Halloween plans yet? No matter what tricks or treats you find this year, [Company Name] wishes you a Happy Halloween!

Spooky Messages

Looking to add some eeriness to your mass text? Try out one of the following messages to inspire fear in the hearts of your clients:

  • This is a Halloween reminder from [Company Name]: It’s never a bad idea to check under the bed. You never know what’s hiding there…
  • What was that creak in the attic? More importantly, how did [Company Name] hear it? … Happy Halloween from everyone at [Company Name], [Customer Name]! Don’t forget to peek in the attic before bed… 
  • [Company Name] wishes you a Happy Halloween—the holiday when no floorboard creak, howling wind or bump in the night should be ignored… 
  • This is a reminder from [Company Name] to stay vigilant this Halloween. You never know what frights await you during spooky season…

Funny Messages and Puns

If you’re looking for a more lighthearted approach, you’ll love the comedy-inspired text messages below:

  • [Company Name] wishes you a Happy Halloween—the only day of the year when it’s acceptable to knock on your neighbor’s door in costume to beg for chocolate.
  • Happy Halloween from [Company Name]! Pro tip: If you’re “too old” to trick-or-treat, don’t forget about that day-after-Halloween sale on candy at the grocery store. 
  • Don’t forget to hang up your garlic—vampires are a real pain in the neck. Happy All Hallows’ Eve from [Company Name]!
  • If you’re getting ready to pumpkin-spice it up this Halloween, here’s a carving tip: Remember to scoop out the inside of the pumpkin before you start carving. Trust us; it’s a mess… Happy Halloween from [Company Name]!

Halloween Sales/Promos

If you’re running a sale or promotion this October, here are some text templates to send to your contact list:

  • Get your costumes and pumpkin carving kits ready—from now until October 31st, [Company Name] is offering 10% off to customers who show us their Halloween spirit. Come in costume with a Halloween-themed t-shirt or a freshly carved pumpkin to take advantage of this spooktacular offer. 
  • Don’t miss the [Company Name] Halloween Sale going on now until October 31st. Just visit our [store/website] to take 10% off your entire order. No tricks here—just a treat for our favorite customers!
  • Who says kids get to have all the fun this Halloween? [Company Name] is offering a 10% discount on your entire order between now and October 31st. Because grown-ups deserve treats, too!

Online/In-Store Events

If you’re hosting an online or in-store event, try out one of the text messages below to spread the word:

  • Halloween is coming early this year—head to [Company Name/Company Website] on October [X] to take advantage of our spookiest sale of the year. 
  • Mark your calendar: [Company Name] is hosting the Halloween [party/sale/event] of a lifetime on October [X] from [XX:XX AM to XX:XX PM]! Come in costume for a chance to win a [Prize]! 
  • Don’t forget about [Company Name]’s one-day Halloween sale! Only on October 31st, take 10% off your entire order in-store and online. Treat yourself this year!
  • Have Halloween plans yet? Come check out [Company Name]’s Trunk-or-Treat event—a safe, local and all-ages Halloween party. Enter our customer contest, join in the fun on the dance floor and take home the best candy haul in the neighborhood.

Halloween Birthday Messages

If any of your clients share a birthday with All Hallows’ Eve, they deserve a special message. Check out the templates below for inspiration:

  • Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween from [Company Name]! You’re one of the lucky few—stack our 10% off birthday order and our 10% off Halloween discount for 20% off your total purchase in-store and online. Two celebrations in one!
  • Sharing a birthday with Halloween is simply spooktacular. Unique celebrations deserve unique offers—between now and October 31st, visit [Company Name] in-store or online for 20% off your next purchase.
  • Trick or treating on your birthday? [Company Name] is jealous… Don’t forget to check out our Halloween sale between now and October 31st—it’s time to treat yourself!

Start Preparing Your Halloween SMS Campaign with Texting Base

Halloween is an excellent opportunity to reach out to your customers, offer a special promotion or host an event that will bring the community together—all can increase your brand recognition and bring in new customers this spooky season. 

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